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Press Release

Dear Jeovani

Have you heard of the documentary “ACES & KNAVES” ?

Well here is your chance to watch it – and do let other people know about it as I am sure they would be interested!

It’s a 1 hour documentary (see more about it below ...) and is being streamed between now and 30th May – you just buy a ticket and can watch it at any time in that period. Just go to:

Your ticket also includes a live Zoom conversation being held on Sunday, May 23rd, at 19:30 BST, with director Jackie Paré, bridge legend Zia Mahmood, and BAMSA founder and international bridge player Samantha Punch. Sam is Chair of Sociology at the University of Stirling and has made bridge the focus of her research. Zia, Jackie, and Sam will answer questions about the film and discuss the crossover of ideas between ACES & KNAVES and many of the topics that will be featured at the conference.

In case you don’t know about it, ACES & KNAVES is a tale of triumph and tears, points and partners, and crime and punishment, told by world champions and mere mortals alike, including Bill Gates! The International Movie database says “Aces & Knaves is a documentary about mental gymnastics, competition, and cheating in bridge - the most complex game ever invented by the human mind.”

This special screening is in celebration of the upcoming BAMSA 2021 Conference to be held between Monday 28 June and Thursday 4 July which is a free virtual event featuring 60 speakers from 20 countries, including a keynote presentation on wellbeing by psychologist Martin Seligman and panel discussions with European Bridge League President Jan Kamras and world champion Boye Brogeland. You can register for the Conference here: - do have a look, there are some really (really) interesting sessions – and of course you can choose the ones you want to attend but you do need to register in advance. I will send a reminder nearer the time about that one but do register soon if you can!

Half the ticket proceeds from the sale of tickets to “Aces & Knaves” will go to supporting the work of BAMSA (Bridge: A MindSport For All) at the University of Stirling.

Anna Gudge
WBF Communications Manager
21 May 2021